Nurses To Win Back Vaccination Trust     

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  • Hospital scene at the paediatric ward
    Hospital scene at the paediatric ward

The Ministry of Health is planning a campaign to win back the trust of people in the MMR Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccination for babies.

The campaign will involve the nurses and its basic aim is to assure the parents that the vaccine is 100 percent safe.

Trust in the vaccine has been compromised with the death of two babies last year at Safotu Hospital after they were given the MMR vaccines. Two nurses have admitted to manslaughter charges and are awaiting sentencing. The cause of the deaths of the two babies is  blamed on human error.

Nurses will go out to the communities in both Savaii and Upolu to raise awareness of the benefits of having their children vaccinated one of which is preventing serious medical conditions in the future.

The campaign will come into effect sometimes this year.

Nurses who wish to be part of this campaign have to apply.

CEO Leausa Dr Take Naseri in a recent press meeting, said that the trust of the public in the vaccination programme should be restored by Health Ministry.