Nurses Celebrate Under International Theme – ‘ Nurses’ Voice To Lead Health For All’

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  • Nurses poised to celebrate their day on the same Mother's Day Sunday - file photo
    Nurses poised to celebrate their day on the same Mother's Day Sunday - file photo

The Nurses Society in Samoa is celebrating International Nurses Day this week, with a ceremony on Sunday to commemorate the work of nurses in Samoa and the world.

The contribution of nurses in Samoa is very important according to President of Samoa Nurses Association, Solialofi Papalii Bismarck who has been serving as a nurse since she graduated in 1968.

 She told  Newsline Samoa that the nursing profession is very rewarding and challenging that she often reminds nurses to be professional and serve the people with love.

“This week we remember the work of nurses around the world and especially here in Samoa. We are grateful we have made it to commemoration this year on a good note despite challenges along the way.”

“I have been in this profession for 51 years and I have seen a lot of challenges that it really excites me when we commemorate on Mother’s Day the celebration of nurses, it reminds me of how well we have worked as a team to serve and provide the best health care for the people of our country.”

“I know that our service is not perfect, and I would like to apologize once again on behalf of our association because there are times when our service lack the quality we need to provide, but we try to make sure we improve and it is my job and our board in our association to ensure that we work collaboratively with nurses to provide them with skills they need to serve the people with a smile and help provide the best service for the patients with a professional attitude and a loving heart.”

Challenges according to Solialofi include the lack of nurses as well as the resources that need to be used in their day to day jobs.

“It has always been a problem in the profession that we have lack of nurses. Up until now, we still encounter the problems and we also face scarce in resources especially IV fluids, various chemicals to treat wounds, even though we have a supply, this is not the quality we need. We need more than this so that our work can constantly improve. “

Other challenges in the workplace according to Solialofi include the relationship between the patients and the nurses.

“This has always been a constant struggle in the hospital. People who are always demanding and do not understand the basic procedures that while they are awaiting for their turn to see the doctors in the outpatient area, we always prioritize emergency calls for patients who need attention right away. It is still happening here in the hospital where people complain and become frustrated because we prioritize the patients who have just arrived when there is already a line waiting and numbers allocated for each person to take their turn with doctors.”

Solialofi added that while she is inspired to continue on with the job she loves, she also needs to clarify that the association does not stand by any nurse’s negative behavior towards patients.

“We do not support any unprofessional approach and we always encourage our nurses to respect and serve the people with kind hearts. We also encourage them to soften their voices so that it soothes the patient and will become better faster.”

Solialofi confirms that the ministry of health has employed 400 plus nurses now in both Upolu and Savaii. She added that there is still a great need to have more nurses in the field to provide health care service for the country in an acceptable way.

The ceremony will be held on Sunday at Moto’otua at the hall of the Samoa Association of Nurses.