More Newborn Baby Boys At Start Of The Year

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  • Newborn, New Year, 2019
    Newborn, New Year, 2019


Tauva Lima-Tavae

As of yesterday, January the 5th, a total of 33 newborn babies were recorded at the Tupua Tamasese National Hospital maternity ward since the first of January.

Newborn baby boys dominate with 21 of the 33 and 12 girls.

Birth records showed there were no babies born on the strike of the New Year – the first baby for 2019 came around 2:40am.

He was a baby boy, born to 24-year-old Lise Ioasa of Mulifanua.

It was also confirmed that 6 other female babies were also born early morning of the first of January, which came to a total of 7 babies born on the first day of January 2019.

The birth tally for Samoa on the first day of 2019 was about 50 per cent down from the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, estimates of 13 newborns in Samoa.

UNICEF estimated 750 children would be born in the Pacific Islands on the first of January 2019. Fiji may have the first baby born in the New Year with a mother who gave birth between 12.00am – 12.01am.

The UNICEF newborn estimates in the Pacific Islands listed Papua New Guinea with the highest of 607 babies on the first day. Solomon Islands was second with 46 and Fiji third with 35.

Samoa was 5th behind Vanuatu with 19 while ahead of Kiribati, Tonga and FSM.