Methodist Church Synods Rise To Measles Appeal

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  • The Methodist Church General Secretary, Reverend Dr. Eteuati Epa Tuioti 
    The Methodist Church General Secretary, Reverend Dr. Eteuati Epa Tuioti 

The Methodist Church has been on the move in a call to all the synods to contribute to the national appeal to fight the measles outbreak, since it was officially declared an epidemic about 3 weeks ago.

Synods around Samoa began make monetary donations and other necessary items like beds to the national TTM Hospital, this week .

The call for contributions extended to the Methodist synods in American Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and US.

The Church General Secretary, Reverend Dr. Eteuati Epa Tuioti 

spoke to Newsline Samoa that the church believes it's about time to come together to offer assistance?

"It's up to the individuals how much they can provide. It's whatever sum of money the congregation can offer here in Samoa, that are to be collected by the country church leaders and we will take the money directly to the Government,” Rev. Tuioti detailed.

"Money was collected starting last Sunday here in Samoa and since we have different time zones with other synods like Hawaii and America, we will have to wait for their donations to come in.

Tuioti said that the Methodist Church has united to help as they usually do when the nation needs it.

" All synods were united in the offer of prayers last week for those suffering from the  measles or grieving the loss of loved ones.

“We prayed for the Government to remain steadfast in their resolve to face the challenges of the epidemic that the country is facing.

“We prayed for all frontline health workers especially hospital staff providing critical service in the care and treatment of measles patients.

“We also prayed for the safety of our nation as we battle this deadly virus. We are in faith and united and believe our nation needs spiritual uplifting.”

Tuioti said they will organise all the donations that should be collected this week and present it to the government."

A 100 new beds have already been donated to the TTM Hospital.

The donation of beds was urgently needed to cater for the overflow of patients at the TTM hospital.

"The president of the church here in Samoa, (Faulalo) is calling for all pledges to be collected and leaders here in Samoa are fully behind the initiative.

“We feel for the country and this is our help,” assured the General Secretary.