Local Flowers For Export Excites Grower

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  • Nina Siolo from Vaoala
    Nina Siolo from Vaoala

Government plans to export flowers is leaving growers excited by the prospects.

Markets for the local flowers could open up in New Zealand or Australia.

One of the people excited by the possibility of markets for local flowers overseas is Nina Siolo of Vaoala.

Her family has been in the flower business for a long time and it is an opportunity to look into.

"This is great news if markets opened up for us to take advantage of. This would generate more income for us.

“We have so many beautiful flowers and I’m sure these would be popular with our people living overseas,” Siolo told Newsline.

“ We will be most happy to be part of this new venture.”

Siolo however feels that a challenge to this plan would be with the quarantine who will probably have restrictions on some flowers and plants.