LDS Churches Return To Sunday Services

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  • Iconic View of the Pesega Mormon Temple
    Iconic View of the Pesega Mormon Temple

Regular Sunday services are back on today for all the Wards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

All services were put on hold on the advice from the LDS Church headquarters in Utah, in response to the National State of Emergency declared on the measles outbreak.

Newsline Samoa learned from senior church officials that today’s services will be limited only to worshipping in prayers.

Other related services like the teachings of the bible are still on hold for now.

 Strict restrictions are in place also for 19 year olds and under in keeping with the order of the national state of emergency.

Several other church related services that requires holding off from congregating in groups are still in place since the state of emergency.

The church decision to hold off Sunday services for health safety reasons was well received, based on the reaction of support for health safety reasons.

The leading denominations continued to hold Sunday services but restricting the attendance to church members who are above the 19 years and under age group.