July Recorded Biggest Jump In Visitors

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  • Closing night of celebrations at the end of the Pacific Games XVI at the Apia Park Stadium in July last month
    Closing night of celebrations at the end of the Pacific Games XVI at the Apia Park Stadium in July last month

I Lesatele

The number of visitor to Samoa in the month of July 2019 reported a total of 24,647.

This exceeded the number of visitor arrivals for the month of Dec ember for the years 2016 (18,843 visitor arrivals ), 2017 ( 20,77) and 2018 ( 24,021)  which recorded the biggest number of visitor arrivals in each of those years. The number of visitors for the years preceding the stated years would be probably be a lot less.

In comparison to the previous month ( June)  in which 16,192 visitors arrived the number of arrivals in July  increased by 52.2 percent.

The dramatic increase in numbers is explained to a large number of people (20.8 percent) entering the country for the  26th Pacific Games hosted by Samoa in this month. The biggest number of visitors ( 33.1 percent) travelled to Samoa for a holiday and vacation while 26.8 percent came to visit friends and relatives.

The Report on the International Arrival Statistics for July put out by the Samoa Bureau of Statistics on the country and region of origin of the visitors stated:

“ New Zealand remains the leading country in visitors’ arrival by country of usual residence accounting for 36.1 percent of 8,898 of total visitors. Australia followed next with a distant 16.9 percent share.

“ American Samoa represented 9.3 percent (2,300) while the United States of America represented 8.6 percent ( 2,123) of total visitors.

“ As usual, the Oceanic Region had the highest share of total visitors with 80.0 percent, followed by America with 8.9 percent.

“ Asia reported a share of 5.5 percent while Europe reported the least share with 3.8 percent.”

On the total arrivals by carriers 33.7 percent ( 10,204 passengers) flew to Samoa in Samoa Airways followed by Air New Zealand with a 28.1 percent share (8,505  passengers.

“ Fiji Airways brought in 12.3 percent ( 3,710 passengers ) of total arrivals while Virgin Australia and Talofa Airways recorded shares of 8.8 percent (2668) and 3.3 percent ( 1001) respectively.”

On places of stay it is reported that the majority of visitors (60.4 percent or 14,495 visitors) reported staying in private accommodations or with families/relatives while 34.9 percent ( 8,383) stayed in hotel/motel.

Peak months for visitor arrivals in Samoa are normally in the months of  July and December.