Fugalei market an on going water leaking disaster for stall owners

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  • Stall owners of designer wear at the Fugalei Market
    Stall owners of designer wear at the Fugalei Market

Stall owners at the Fugalei market are stressed at the on going problem of the building leaking badly in bad weather.

Ten of the regular stall owners complained that dripping water from the roof soaks up the floor and damage items like design wears like ‘puletasi.’

All the complaining stall owners did not want to be named but confirmed that they have made appeals to the management and is yet to see any response.

 "We’re not the only ones whose safety are at risk, so too are the customers and tourists who are always in here to browse our products,” one of the stall owners said.

 “We have been talking to the people managing this place and we have not received any firm response."

The concerned vendor whose clothing items like puletasi were damaged was forced to try and have them fixed.

"Our main complaint is that the leaking problem has been around for a while and no one is giving us any acceptable explanation.”

Another stall owner is fearful of repercussions from the management if they complain.

"I have taken issues before with the leaking roof that I later came to regret and I am wary of losing my stall.

“But it is a concern that our products are exposed to the water leaks when it rains.”

Vendors pay $10 per day for their spot in the market and stall owners have a fixed space they work from everyday.

Attempts are being made for a comment from the market management of the complaints by stall owners.