Frequent Landslides Worry Laulii Villagers 

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  • One of the spots along the coastal village of Laulii experience small slips next to the main road
    One of the spots along the coastal village of Laulii experience small slips next to the main road

Frequent landslides is becoming a worry for Lauli’i villagers, along the east coast road fronting the sea.

The fear is the threat to homes and properties of people living under the hills along the coastal area of the village of Laulii on the eastern side of Apia.

The occurrence of another landslide last week heightened the concern of these people as rocks and soil fell down on to the road and areas at the foot of the hills.

The concern of the people was voiced by Cessna Pauga a resident of Laulii who has a shop facing the hills.

“ This is not the first time a landslide has happened There was a major landslide a few years ago and that blocked the road as rocks and earth slid down the hills. There were others including the one last week which had the same result,” Pauga told Newsline.

 “Lives of people are in danger from the falling rocks and soil. We fear more landslide occurrences if the bad weather continues. With the rain saturating the earth, the soil  is loosened and with the lack of trees and vegetation the soil runs off down the hill. We are scared and no doubt  the other people living under the hills in other villages.”

Pauga explained the cause of the landslide to human activities of cutting down trees which in turn destroy the existing mechanical root structure in the area.

A recent activity that Pauga said responsible for the recent landslide was the beautification of the village for the Pacific Games in which trees were cut down and the vegetation cleared.

“When beautifying the village roadside no one thought about the impact of cutting down the trees and clearing of the vegetation.”

Pauga said that it is important for the people to know not to cut down trees and clear the hills of its covering because it’s a cause of landslide.

She pointed out that a large part of the hills are exposed.

Pauga added that families around the foot of the hill area are taking more precaution and she hopes that people will continue to be careful as the bad weather will continue to loosen the soil which may result with more landslides and damages to properties and people.

Not only are the people living at the foot the hills vulnerable to danger caused by landslide but also to the people living on the top of the hills Pauga said.

Pauga said that she is not aware of how government is assisting in this matter.