Farmers Can Still Export Banana But Follow Manual

About the author:

Good news for the members of the Bananas Farmers Association in that the door is still open for them to export but  they must follow the production manual.

The production will help to improve the planting and caring of the bananas trees.

This was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer Of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Tilafono David Hunter.

Tilafono said that the consignment of bananas which was destroyed in New Zealand satisfied the quarantine requirements but the problem was with the quality of the bananas.

The bananas had started to ripen when they arrived in New Zealand Tilafono explained.

Because of this unfortunate incident it has made the Ministry more vigilant with its partners- the Farmers Associations.

The Ministry continues to insist that they use the production manual which guides farmers in the methods used for the growing and caring of different crops so that  overseas markets could be satisfied.

This production manual has been distributed to the members of the different farmers associations including the Bananas Farmers Association.

“ They must follow this manual,” Tilafono emphasised.

The Ministry has also been offered assistance through the Crops Division  to help the farmers out with the disease that plague the banana trees  and also to get advice on methods on planting the bananas as set out in the production manual.

According to the Crops Division at Nu’u a container carrying 505 boxes of bananas was condemned last March by the New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries.

The Division also emphasised that it is important that the bananas farmers follow the production manual. “ Obviously the farmers did not follow the production manual.”

The Division said that Ah Liki is still exporting its bananas and its supply is sufficient at this early stage of banana exporting.