Faleolo International Airport Area Is Earthquake Prone

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  • A view of the Faleolo International Airport layout
    A view of the Faleolo International Airport layout

The location of Faleolo International airport is a concern to the Geoscience Division of the Meteorological MET of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment MNRE.

According to Fuimaono Lameko Talia there are fault lines running through the Faleolo area and therefore is prone to earthquakes.

He explained that in their latest seismic research they discovered that there are some deep faults which run through the Faleolo area  and some of the deepest faults run through the location of the airport.

Fuimaono said that because of the results of their studies, they have decided that all their efforts will focus on placing modern technologies in the Faleolo area.

'We need to be prepared for worst case scenarios in space of emergency and from what we can do, we can appeal to the government to inform them of the concerns  so they too can prepare. We want to place technologies that can in depth help us provide accurate information in this area as there is a big need to focus on this area in particular  with regular close monitoring.'

Fuimaono agrees that while the International Airport caters for many international flights, there is a greater need for authorities to be thoroughly briefed on these findings so they can also prepare on some effective resolutions.

Fuimaono is grateful for the aid from Chinese counterpart which will help boost the level of understanding in the nature of the vulnerability of the Faleolo area as well with better technologies to accurately record seismic activities in Samoa as it is most vulnerable to the earthquakes as it is close to the Tongan trench where most earthquakes emanate from.