EPC Power Linesman Electrocuted

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  • EPC linesman Tevita Amituanai Akisa of Vaitele-uta
    EPC linesman Tevita Amituanai Akisa of Vaitele-uta

An Electric Power Corporation 21 year old male power-linesman was electrocuted while on a job at Alafua yesterday.

Tevita Amituanai Akisa of Vaitele-uta was working with a team of linesmen to establish electricity connection to a family home when he was killed.

Emergency attempts to revive him from an electrical shock were unsuccessful and he reportedly died at the scene of the accident.

An EPC spokesperson confirmed an investigation by the corporation into the fatal accident, but the staff member died on the job and will be entitled for staff benefits.

Newsline could not reach EPC General Manager Tologata Tile for a comment on the accident.

FESA was quick to respond to the incident and carried out a rescue operation in which the deceased body was then transported to the hospital in a FESA ambulance.

Relatives of the deceased did not wish to comment when contacted for comment yesterday.

Newsline was however told that the deceased had only been with the EPC for a few months.