Cruise liner diverted route due to measles

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  • MMS Regatta
    MMS Regatta

A cruise liner MMS Regatta which was supposed to dock at Matautu wharf last month had to change route because of the measles crisis Samoa is currently facing.

Port Master, at Samoa Ports Authority  (SPA) Seinafolava Tomane confirmed with Newsline Samoa yesterday.

Seinafolava said that he is not aware of any other cancellations of cruise liners scheduled for Samoa this month.

"Our port is still opened and as far as I am aware the cruise ship failed to stop by because apparently  they are aware of the measles."

Cruise liners are good income sources for local vendors, owners of scenic attractions and taxi services on the island.

About this time of the year, taxi drivers reap the income they get from passengers with brief cruise ships stopover.