Better Drainage For Complaining Residents Of Vaisigano River Banks

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  • Extended view of the Vaisigano bridge and the river walls looking down from higher up in the sky.
    Extended view of the Vaisigano bridge and the river walls looking down from higher up in the sky.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) has promised an additional project to ensure the drainage system along the Vaisigano walls are in place during torrential weather.

Leone residents along the Vaisigano River banks have complained of  drainage system in place not helping  with the flooding, during heavy rainfall when the river rises.

The project which is part of the Vaisigano bridge construction which began in April 2018 had since been ongoing, with expectation of the overall project to be completed by July 2020.

Project Manager Division for Land Transport Authority (LTA), Maverick Wetzell confirmed with Newsline Samoa the ongoing plans of improvements.

“The new river wall constructed by MNRE/MWTI does have drainage outlets installed along the segment recently completed,” Wetzell explained.

“LTA is working with the Green Climate Fund to purchase additional drainage pipes to be installed along the wall to improve the draining of water during rainy days.

“Some of the works ongoing include large concrete beams being casted at the Apia Park yard, and deep foundation work within the river.

“In the coming months, the beams for the new bridge will be installed. The beams are 25 meters long, and the pile foundations are approximately 40 meters deep.”

The main project contractor Konoike has hired local sub-contractors to carry out the earth works, structural works, and beam production.

Wetzell said this has allowed the opportunity for local contractors to participate in the use of the new technologies and applications in the Vaisigano bridge project such as precast prestress beams.

“ This project will leave our local people with an increase in skill levels for future projects.”

One of the complaining Leone residents, Safuneituuga Maoluma Ianuari, recently claimed that drainage pipes where the river flows when the river floods has caused damages to his family property.