Anxious Cabbage Farmer Finds Supplier

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  •  CABBAGE GARDENING THE FAMILY WAY  Tuaifaiva Suaesi Fuataga’s children at the family green house
    CABBAGE GARDENING THE FAMILY WAY  Tuaifaiva Suaesi Fuataga’s children at the family green house

Alafua based cabbage seedling supplier Fatu Pasefika has come to the rescue of farmers in need of the Chinese cabbage (pak choy) seedlings.

A cabbage farmer at Vailele Tuaifaiva Suaesi Fuataga featured in Newsline story on its Wednesday issue this week said he was in desperate need of pak choy seedlings as there is a shortage.

“ It’s been a while since the shortage has hit us and it is disappointing not knowing why,” Tuaifaiva told Newsline.

Owner of the Fatu Pasefika a cabbage seedling supplier, Mr Lua’iufi Aiono told Newsline that there is no shortage. He has plenty of seedlings in stock and these are available all year round to ensure that his customers are regularly supplied.

Aiono added he knew that there would be a demand for cabbage for the Pacific Games and other events and this demand must be met. For this reason he ordered more seedlings from Taiwan last year.

 “We have more than enough cabbage seedlings in stock. We imported enough last year so that we would not experience any shortage. With the increase in demand recently with our local farmers, we figured that it would be excellent and strategic to import more last year so that we would always have enough for our main  customers.” Aiono  pointed out.

Aiono said what he has enough seedlings in stock to meet the needs of other farmers like Tuaifaiva Suaesi Fuataga of Vailele.

Aiono said that with the shortage of pak choy  his customers have increased although he has never advertised his business thanks to his regular customers who are telling other farmers about his business.

Aiono said that the demand of pak choy in Samoa is very high and as a supplier of seedlings he must stock up to make this available all year round. He is open 6 days a week. He is willing to give help to farmers who need seedlings.

Tuaifaiva is grateful to know that there is another supplier and he would definitely check it out.

FatuPasefika established in 2007 and is one of the suppliers of vegetable seedlings in the country. The other three are Bluebird, Farmers Supply and Agricultural Store.