Teuila Festival 2019 – Stress and strains of Teuila

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  • Stress and stress of behind the scene work
    Stress and stress of behind the scene work

Always when the talk is about body language, facial expressions is the most easily read.  A smile is a good sign. Tears are not. Burning red eyes, furrowed forehead and wide nostrils breathing hot air are warnings.

There are other facial gestures as well.  Study these two photos and you will see signs of stress and strain.

These are normal signs linked to people saddled with some serious responsibilities. 

The stand alone guy in the photo next to the rubbish bin at Malaefatu Park, is one of the senior executive members of the Samoa Tourism Authority.

He does have a stressful look on him because he is a senior member of the staff responsible for making sure the activities are running smoothly.

Check out the lady police officers.  Not only do you see serious faces but wireless and a torch.  The sun is setting and the Miss Samoa show is running late and they are responsible for everyone’s security.

Some behind all the smiles and good cheer at the Teuila Festival, are some hard working people behind the scene.