Teuila Festival 2019 - Molding Of Future ‘Teuilians’

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  • Heartwarming scenes of the future Teuilians
    Heartwarming scenes of the future Teuilians

Nothing warms the heart more than the innocence of children bewildered by the huff and puff the adults drag them through.

The Malaefatu Park was a perfect place to see how that unfolded on Monday at the start of the activities planned for the weeklong Teuila Festival. 

Children react in many ways that makes watching them fun and heartwarming.

A ‘big palagi’ kid made to sleep on the grass by his tried parents was a true head twister. 

The grass was freshly mown and was clean…at least it looked clean.  Still it takes a while before the natural concern for his health and wellbeing settles down to a more acceptable level.

Then there was the fun view of an older sibling trying to drag his younger charge, who clearly didn’t want to go.  A ‘hold and pull’ battle ensued, spiced by protest screams and strained faces.

There were other children scenes that you can see for youtself, captured by our Newsline roaming photographer at the Malaefatu Park.