Sir John Rowles Makes Up For Missing Out Samoa  

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  • John Rowles with sister Cheryl  in front of STA Fale
    John Rowles with sister Cheryl  in front of STA Fale

New Zealand pop singer Sir John Rowles is performing in Samoa for the first time this week.

He plans a performance to make up for not doing so until now and for not knowing the locals love his songs.

 " I should have come before but somehow I didn't get here but I spent a lot of time in Hawaii,” he said in a press conference yesterday.

“I think the people of Samoa like my type of songs, love songs, about the oceans, islands.”

The singer is promising to sing one of his hit songs “My Island In The Sun.”

He knows Samoans love those songs and that it is probably why they love his songs also.

"I didn’t realize I was popular here and that is probably part of the reasons I didn’t come, I didn’t realize my songs were popular here.

“This is a very good country and if I hadn't known maybe I would have found a way to get here. But I went to Rarotonga and Tahiti and I should have come here."

The headline singer is traveling with his sister Cheryl who motivated his big hit 'Cheryl Moana Marie'  in the 1970s.

He is putting in an appearance at the Teuila Festival in addition to hosting his own show.

"I am part of the (Teuila) Festival. I am very honored to be here and I thank Luisa (Young) for inviting me.

“I have realized it is never too late to play here in Samoa. I should have come 29 years ago, and I enjoy your land and kava. it is a very good kava we drank today."

Rowles admitted that despite health complications he hopes to see the Teuila beauty pageant this week as well as enjoy different performances from different singers and other performers who will be featured in the Teuila Festival.

"I am hoping to sing my heart out and sing for the people of Samoa and sing the songs that they love. My knees are not very good for the moment but  I will be alright."

Rowles and his crew were welcomed with a ava ceremony at the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) fale yesterday.