Ordained for a higher calling

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  •  Clockwise from top left : : Ilasa Tapelu and Rev. Timoteo Tapelu, Rev.Vaasaumamao and his wife Elizabeth Si'a  and Rev Sotiaka Risatisone and his wife Vanu Roma
    Clockwise from top left : : Ilasa Tapelu and Rev. Timoteo Tapelu, Rev.Vaasaumamao and his wife Elizabeth Si'a  and Rev Sotiaka Risatisone and his wife Vanu Roma

 To be a church minister is a calling from God was the message emphasised to the church ministers who were ordained yesterday in a special service lead by Rev Elder Tanielu Mamea from Manukau New Zealand.

Thirteen church ministers were ordained yesterday and with their ordination they could now perform the sacraments of communion, marriage, funeral and others.

Some of the ministers ordained are already serving in churches in the villages while others are serving in church offices.

Among the ordained ministers were Satala Sa’u and faletua Rina from the Aana Matagaluega.

They have been in the Missionary Office of the Church  after graduation from Malua Theological College in 2014 while waiting for the call to serve as village church minister at the invitation of the congregation.

An emotional Rev Sa’u told Newsline they are thankful for the grace of God which has enabled them to overcome many challenges which they faced not only from the children but also from friends and families. These they treated at God testing them.

Reverend Sotiaka Risatisone Roma and faletua Vanu were also ordained yesterday and are currently serving in the church at Lalomalava village.

Reverend  Roma attended Malua Theological College from 2000 to 2003 but decided to go to New Zealand and joined the Police Service.

But when he got the calling from Lalomalava village he took it up.

The move from being a law enforcer to a church minister was not easy Reverend Roma admitted. But he was convinced this was his true calling because it was a whispering of the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit directs a person to his or her calling here and this is the same for the calling to be a church minister.”

“ I did not become a church minister because I wanted to follow the footsteps of my father Tavita Roma who was a church minister. I became a church minister in the true spirit  because of the calling of the Holy Spirit.”

Rev Roma and Faletua Vanu have been serving at Lalomalava since February 2017.

The church minister at the village of Faleasiu Reverend Timoteo Tapelu and faletua Ilasa were also ordained  yesterday.

When he graduated from Malua Theological College in 2016 Rev Tapelu served  at Malua Theological College before being called by the church at Faleasiu.

The 55 year old was a teacher and was working for the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa SROS before he decided to go into the Lord’s ministry.

He admitted that serving as a church minister is not an easy ride because its work which requires heaps of  patience and deep faith.

Ordained ministers and their wives:

Rev Amosa and faletua Mere Silipa of the Aana Matagaluega

Rev Eroni and Litia Sitanilei from Faleata.

Rev Faafetai and Luse Aiava from PTC FIti / Victoria.

Rev Filemoni  and  Alofa Crawley of Malua Theological College.

Rev Piula and Faimeatonu Pula of Ituotane.

Rec Satala and Rina Sa’u of Aana.

Rev Simona and  Deanne Ene from South Queensland .

Rev Sotiaka Risatisone and Vanu Roma of Faasaleleaga.

Rev Taulotoga and Sago Viliamu  of   Ituotane.

Rev Tavita and  Leimoana Evagelia of Queensland

Rev Timoteo and  Ilasa Tapelu of Malua.

Rev Vaai and  Niukini Tua from  Aana.

Rev Vaasaumamao and Elizabeth Si’a from Falealili Safata Siumu.