Measles Epidemic Not Stopping Renown Pacific Artist From Entertaining  At Festival

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 A renowned Pacific Artist, George Brooks Veikoso who goes by the stage name Fiji is grateful to be in Samoa despite the measles epidemic the country is facing.

He said that the measles epidemic has not stopped him and his band to perform in Samoa.

Fiji born in Fiji but raised in Hawaii is popular with reggae, pop genre in the Pacific Islands and internationally.

Fiji who is in Samoa for the Tatau Festival hosted at the Taumeasina Resort is set to perform on Saturday as part of the finale of the festival, is enjoying himself on his fourth visit to Samoa.

During a press meeting yesterday, Fiji said that it’s always a pleasure to visit Samoa and to give his all to perform to entertain for the people.

Fiji said that their visit at this time is a ‘perfectly’ timed visit to give the people of Samoa hope and to ensure that he and his band are supportive of their situation with the measles epidemic.

 “We’re here to also show love for being in Samoa and being here for Samoa” Fiji said.

He offered his condolences to the families who have  lost their loved ones to the epidemic.

When asked whether he is concerned for their safety during the measles outbreak they have exposed themselves to, Fiji said that things will work out and their show will go on with everyone in their mind as they perform.

Whitey Chan the head organizer of the Tatau Festival clarified  that their invitation for the overseas performers and tattoo artists to be in Samoa this week for the Tatau Convention is very firm with assurance that  most are from America where the Measles Mumps and Rubella MMR vaccination is mandatory.

“In the US education system, no school can accept anyone without MMR vaccine”

Chan  is confident that everything will go well with the festival.

The Tatau Festival started yesterday with a parade and will be closed on Saturday.

This is the first time the Tatau Festival is held in Samoa, with artists from the Pacific participating. A performance that will conclude the convention is going to be held on Saturday and the public is invited.