Large Crowds For Measles Injections At TTM Hospital

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  • Even the sprinkle of rain did not keep the crowds away at TTM Hospital for vaccination
    Even the sprinkle of rain did not keep the crowds away at TTM Hospital for vaccination

Large crowds are seen turning up regularly in the sun and rain for measles vaccination injections at the TTM Hospital, Moto’otua.

 There have been instances also when some of the crowd were asked to leave because there was no room inside, where vaccinations were done.

Another large crowd was seen around 6.00pm last night.  They were waiting patiently outside, even with a few drops of rainfall that in normal times would have sent them off on the run for shelter.

The point was reached when a nurse came out to inform the crowd that priority is being given to the children.

All who are 30 years and upwards will have to come back again.

The Ministry of Health has been stocking up on the vaccine and coolers as part of the ‘cold chain’ preparations to keep the medication safe.

Assistance are coming from the New Zealand Ministry of Health with new medical supplies, as part of their assistance to the islands.

The New Zealand Government is taking over some responsibility for the measles outbreak that spilled over to Apia from Auckland where more than 2000 cases and growing.

The local Ministry of Health CEO Leausa Dr. Take Naseri, is also looking at other support measures like hospital beds, mobile lab and skills training on vaccination for the local staff nurses could be included later.

“The New Zealand support is being organised in phases and these may come in as part of the later phases,” Leausa explained.

The last updated report on the measles epidemic in Samoa puts the number of confirmed cases at 15 with suspected cases past 300 cases.

The epidemic has also reached Tonga with suspected cases closing in on 70 people in their last updated report.