Health Cautions Food Sellers Over Handling

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  • POPULAR : Bowl of raw fish or ‘oka’.
    POPULAR : Bowl of raw fish or ‘oka’.

The Minister of Health is cautioning the people who sell food to take more care with handling the food during their preparations.

This Minister Tuitama Dr Talalelei Tuitama said this important as the health of people who buy from them are at risk.

 The reputation of their businesses is also at stake.

Consumers at the same time should be more cautious by checking the food they are buying for health safety, Tuitama said.

“ Don’t buy any food you are not sure of.  Your health is in your own hands,” Tuitama said.

He added there is legislation already put in place about food safety. However the Ministry of Health does not have the manpower to monitor the restaurants, the eating places and those peddling the food.

Tuitama said there are some foods which are easily contaminated which people must be aware of.

Raw fish is an example and during this hot weather Samoa is experiencing it is important that precaution must be taken care with the preparation of this food Tuitama said.

When preparing “oka” ( raw fish in coconut cream) make sure the fish used  is a fish that could be consumed raw; the water is clean; the fish has not been exposed to flies, the salt used is not expired and that the coconuts are fresh Tuitama explained. He added there some of the fish is poisonous and that could be fatal for people.Oka should always be kept in a cooler or a fridge Tuitama said after its preparation.

He recommends for people to use gloves and spoons and forks when preparing food.

Tuitama added that everyone who sells food including those who peddle their food on the street must have a license.