Fagamalo EFKS Farewell Spiritual Parents 

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  •   Rev Tauaifaga and his wife Mere and members of the Fagamalo EFKS Church flock 
      Rev Tauaifaga and his wife Mere and members of the Fagamalo EFKS Church flock 

Today will be the last time for the EFKS Reverend Elder Sileli Taua’ifaga to conduct service in the church he has served the work of the Lord for over 20 years.

Rev Tauaifaga and his wife Mere are pensioned and will be taking a well deserved rest. They were among the retiring eleven church ministers whose services were acknowledged in a special service during the Malua Conference this year.

A member of the church at Fagamalo described Rev Taua’ifaga as  very pleasant to anyone, humble and has a sense of humour. “ He is humble and is at ease with anyone. He is not a person who wants honour.

“ His sermons are simple with humour mixed into them but with a strong message.”

Today the Church farewells their beloved church minister in a special service in the morning, follow by a toonai ( lunch) and a special performance by the Sunday School  in the evening service.

On Monday they depart. They leave the congregation and the village with a deep sense of sadness.

“The congregation has become a family to us. They know us well and we know them well too. It will be very hard for us to forget the members of the congregation,” Rev Taua’ifaga said in an interview at the Malua Conference.

“ It is a joy to see the church flourish and see its different bodies grow.”

Although they leave the village with sadness Rev Taua’ifaga is joyful in that they have served the full time required of them by the church.

 “ It was my dream to be a church minister and it was my goal to  retire while in the service of the Lord. I give back all the glory to the Lord.”

Rev Taua’ifaga and his wife are from the villages of Lepea and Falealupo.