Dear Oh Dear …a sinister plot worthy of ‘Games Of Thrones’

  • Queens rule
    Queens rule

Our ‘fa’afafine’ should protest all the way to the top the deliberate disregard by whoever turned off the Gym 1 power on Friday. 

Why didn’t they flip it back on again? Surely the EPC can do that in a snap.

All that hard work for the poor ‘fa’afafine’ to stage their special version of ‘Games of Thrones’ came to a dead halt.

Re-staging it on Saturday was an anticlimax.  Much of the build up fun for Friday lost in the winter of the North.

 The ‘fa’afafine’ have their patron to cry to. Stui has to stand up for his third gender followers.

Get out there and do a Jon Snow move on the power flippers.  Call up the fire breathing dragon and go torch the EPC or whoever it is to blame.

An affront to the ‘fa’afafine’ is the same to the patron.  How dare! 

Organise a protest parade along beach road.  Assemble at the EPC head office and show your…er…..ummm… basic human rights.

You are a gender not to be messed with. 

“….you’ll make a great, fire breathing dragon, dear