Schools Stuck Into Crucial End Of Year Exams

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  • (l-r) Foketi and Konisha at the Nelson Public Library
    (l-r) Foketi and Konisha at the Nelson Public Library

The final school term for the year is starting up  and it is the most dread time for students and teachers with exam preparations for the end of the year.

The Nelson Memorial Library is traditionally the place hard studying students gather, like the two foundations students Foketi Talau and Konisha Anoai.

The students prefer to study at the Nelson Public Library where it is easier to focus and not be distracted.

“ I want a place where I can totally focus on my studies,” Talau told Newsline Samoa.” I want to use my time wisely and pass all my courses. So preparations are very important. I want to achieve something.”

Talau said she wanted to give her best performance because their family has made her education their priority.

 “ It’s a struggle for my family to pay for my fees at NUS and I always remember that. I study hard because I remember what they have sacrificed for me.”

Talau uses her spare time to study at the Nelson Public Library. “

 An excellent performance in the exams Talau said would also make the distance she travels from Monday to Friday for her studies at NUS worthwhile. She is from Lepa.

Anoai also from Lepa and also at the Library because it’s more accommodating.

She wants to better her performance in all her subjects, English in particular. The Library offers her reading books, which she said is considerable, help in improving her English.