Samoa To Learn From Singapore Public Service Success

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  • Chairman of the Public Service Aiono Mose Sua
    Chairman of the Public Service Aiono Mose Sua

A team from the Singapore Public Service is conducting a three-day training for the executives of the Samoa Public Service at the TATTE Conference Room.

The Chairman of the Public Service Aiono Mose Sua is confident that the Samoa public service will benefit hugely from the training.

Singapore he said is a small country but very successful in its human resource management, which has contributed to the rapid development of the country. He would like Samoa to learn from the success of the Singapore public service.

.“We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn and pick up new skills from the Singaporean team as they share with us their expertise in the areas that has enabled the development of Singapore to skyrocket. This training will enable our ministries to be more transparent and to make decisions that will benefit the country in general,” Aiono said.

“This country is about the size of Upolu, very wealthy but very highly successful in how they operate in its ministries and companies.”

Aiono would like Samoa to mirror its Human Resources Management with that of Singapore and Samoa should try to learn as much as possible from this training.

“Singapore has helped us a lot in the past few years in terms of trainings. They have offered us so many training opportunities. Since their Public Service became independent in 1965, it has improved tremendously and that is why we have to learn from them so that we can also operate successfully in our country.

“We have asked that they can help our government out in suggesting areas that need improvement so we can learn from the experiences that they have built up over the years so that our government also become successful.

“This training will offer help to government ministries so that they can also manage their own operations effectively.”

 Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi in his keynote address stated the training was to help better equip the senior executives within government ministries and State Own Enterprises (SOE).

He added that holding the training in Samoa instead of Singapore enables many more people to benefit rather than a few executives going over to Singapore.

Tuilaepa said he is grateful to the government of Singapore for bringing the training to Samoa for Singapore’s public service is a success.

 “Two years ago, I was hosted with other Pacific leaders by the government of Singapore. During the visit, a very informative and a well-organized program was made for us on Singapore’s development success and experiences. Underpinning Singapore’s impressive success is the very capable Public Service. I am therefore very glad for the Singapore government for agreeing to hold in Apia this course on HR development management in Singapore Public Service for Samoa Senior Executives.”

The Human Resource Management and Development in the Singapore Public Service for Samoa Senior Executives training is hosted by the Manager of CSC International Ms Suniartie Sudyono.

The training is attended by senior executive officers of the government ministries and State Owned Enterprises in Samoa.