Village In Shock Over Violent Death

About the author:
  • Leauva'a

The death of a young man at Leauva’a during Mother’s Day long weekend has left the village community in shock.

Police took in two men from the same village for questioning in relations to the death.

A Leauva’a mother of three, Feliuai Oikomene, feels deeply for the wife of the deceased and like many in the village, is also at a loss to what happened.

“This is the first time such an incident has happened in the village and everyone wants to see there are measures in place to prevent against this kind of incident in the future,” Oikomene said.

Her sympathies are for the wife whose children are now without a father.

“The violence is not a true reflection of the village and no wife or mother should go through this kind of nightmare.”

Oikomene admitted she has never come across this kind of violence before while growing up in the village.

Seeing it happen to a person they all know well including the people alleged to be responsible, makes it even more difficult to deal with.

‘It’s a hard time for all of the families and as a mother myself I do not want to go through this kind of experience.”