Threatened Lawyer Blasts Police Bias

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  • Lawyer Unasa Iuni Sapolu outside of the Supreme Court
    Lawyer Unasa Iuni Sapolu outside of the Supreme Court

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Lawyer Unasa Iuni Sapolu is angry at the Ministry of Police for not following up on her formal complaints of death threats made on herself and her children last month.

Unasa confirmed to the media outside court that they have filed an official complaint with the police and also provided evidence of the threats.

However, she said the police are not doing their job and accused the ministry of unfair treatment.

Her complaints were in relations to similar allegations involving the Prime Minister and how the police responded quickly with the arrest of her clients Lemai Faioso and Malele Atofu Paulo.

Unasa said it has been two weeks since she and her family had lodged their complaint and yet police only showed up once to their home.

“Eliota and I have filed a formal complaint to the Ministry of Police in connection to the death threats that we received,” Unasa told the media.

“We also provided evidence to support our formal complaint and on that same night the police turned up at our place twice and that was the only time they came around and according to our security guard they never returned after that night.

“But you know what when this allegation involving the Prime Minister arise 40 police officers turned up to look for King Faipopo and 30-40 police officer turned up in the evening at Lema’i Faioso’s resident at Nu’u.

“So you can see that if you are the Prime Minister or if you are somebody with high profile the police will move and it’s sad because we sure are not getting the same treatment.

“We have given them everything as well as the evidence to support our formal complaint but still nothing has been done.”

Unasa went on to say the threats really affect her and especially her children and grandchildren.

“The death threats really affect us because we also have a law firm in New Zealand too and you know in my 30 plus years of being a lawyer this is the first time we received something like this.

“It is also affecting my children too and they are also both lawyers.”

She added her fear is not the people in Samoa but rather it is people who are overseas.

“The truth is our fear is not here it’s overseas because people can just pay someone $50,000 there to hop on the plane and come to Samoa and boom boom,” she said.

“The fear is not our people it’s overseas.”

Attempts to get a comment from the Ministry of Police in regards to this matter was unsuccessful.