Private Solicitor To Fix Suspension

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  • Maiava Visekota Peteru, prominent lawyer and former MP suspended
    Maiava Visekota Peteru, prominent lawyer and former MP suspended

Suspended private solicitor, Maiava Visekota Peteru, is ready to fix the problem that has temporarily suspended her certificate to practice law.

The Samoa Law Society suspended the prominent lawyer and also former Member of Parliament during the week

 “I have dedicated 35 years of my life to the practice of law in Samoa and I intend to follow Law Society processes with a view to remedy the interim suspension,” Maiava reacted in a statement to Newsline Samoa

Maiava promised to settle whatever differences or disagreement that has temporarily prevented her from practicing as a solicitor.

The Samoa Law Society President, Leiataualesa Komisi Koria, confirmed the suspension but refrained giving details.

"The Council of the Samoa Law Society has received complaints from members of the public regarding this particular practitioner,” Leiataualesa revealed.

“ These complaints are being handled in accordance with our Society’s regulatory framework.

Leiataualesa said the Samoa Law Society has a very active Complaints and Investigation Committee, which is set up to investigate complaints against members. “The complaints referred to above have been referred to this Committee.

“The investigation process will involve the practitioner being given an opportunity to respond to the complaints before any determinations are made. In the interim, the Council has issued a temporary suspension pending the determination of the matter.”

Leiataualesa cannot confirm the length of the suspension as it depends on the timeframe for the investigation.