Prisoner Pays For Rejecting Vaccination

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  • Refused vaccination injection and came down with the measles
    Refused vaccination injection and came down with the measles

Prison Minister Tialavea John Hunt has officially confirmed that only one prisoner has the measles and it was all his fault when he did not want to be vaccinated.

Aniseko Vaelei is no stranger to the public with regular prison escapes at the leaky Tafaigata Prison and even the brand new Tanumalala Prison failed as well when he became the first to break out of the new confinements.

“When the measles outbreak was declared the vaccination campaign that followed included the prisoners and the injections were carried out inside the prison compound,” Tialavea said.

“Aniseko was the only prisoner who refused despite repeated attempts for him to have an injection, so they finally decided to let him have his choice.”

Tialavea said there were 28 prisoners in the suspected measles cases list and it was decided they should be vaccinated.

Vaelei is suspected of picking up the measles virus when he was taken to the hospital sick.

He is now isolated in a prison cell of his own.

Tanumalala Prison has been looking without success for a nurse to work full time with the prisoners but there have been no applications from anyone interested in the job, according to the Minister.

Medical officers have been making fortnightly visits to the prison to attend to the health needs of the inmates.