Husband Attacks Pregnant Wife With Machete As Children Watched

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  •  Remorse pregnant wife beater Luaipou Fidow making his way to serve a prison term of 8 years and 8 months.
    Remorse pregnant wife beater Luaipou Fidow making his way to serve a prison term of 8 years and 8 months.

By Deidre Fanene

A husband who attacked his wife with a machete as their children looked on failed to win any sympathies in court this week.

Luaipou Fidow of Fogapoa pleaded with Justice Mata Tuatagaloa for a second chance so he can be with his children he loves.

Justice Tagaloa was not convinced and asked the defendant if he had thought of his two girls as he was beating up their mother on the night of the attack.

““Because if you were, then you would not do what you did to their mother before their eyes.

“You didn’t care about the children when you attacked her that night.”

During the court hearing, the police reported that one of the girls cried out “mommy ole gaifi’ to warn her mother whose back was turned, as the father was walking up to her with the knife.

The violence occurred in June this year at Fogapoa, Savaii, after a drinking session Fidow had with his friends at the family home.

It was around midnight when the wife came over and asked the husband and friends to move  over to the family pool table house to continue their drinking.

She had to prepare the bed for the children.

Husband did not take too well to the instructions and violence ensued.  The physical attack that followed on the wife included the use of a machete.

The wife ran off with her baby and found refuge with other relatives.

Justice Tuatagaloa initially looked at a prison sentence of 13 years.  Fidow’s guilty plea, apology in court and being a first offender were considered.

In the end, Justice Tuatagaloa settled on a prison punishment of 8 years and 8 months on the charge of attempted murder, 8 months on 3 charges of armed with dangerous weapons and 4 weeks for threatening words, all to be served concurrently.