Grieving College Principal Wants Closure On His Wife’s Sudden Death

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  • TTM Hospital, Moto'otua, Emergency Ward
    TTM Hospital, Moto'otua, Emergency Ward


The grieving husband of a woman who allegedly died after eating food bought on the side of the road, is hoping to find answers to the real cause of her death.

The Nuuausala College principal Rev.  Fuatimu Posese, wants closure on his loved one’s death, with an official, acceptable medical account of what really ended her life.

Rev. Poese  whose wife passed away last week is trying to come to terms with her sudden death.

His priority for now is to lay his wife’s body to rest and to mourn her passing, before proceeding with anything else.

He said he does not know the cause of his wife’s death but it is something he would like to find answers to.

He knows he would have to return to the hospital first to find the answers.

“ I’m reluctant to make any statements that I may be  proven wrong later,” he was able to say, wary of drawing any early conclusions.

“ There should be an investigation first before I make any statement.”

The Acting Director General of Health Leausa Dr Take Naseri when asked about this matter said that he is not aware of the case.

He did not want tomake any official statement for now until he has looked into what happened and have all the information and appropriate advice.