Former Sailor Tops Police Graduating Class

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  • Officer Raeli Te’o Mu joined by his proud family
    Officer Raeli Te’o Mu joined by his proud family

A former Samoan sailor on an Italian cruise ship graduated top of the class of new police recruit who graduated during the week on Friday morning.

The 43-year-old Raeli Te’o Mu was also the oldest in the class of 36 who are now freshly added officers of the police service.

 Mu was one of more than 200 applicants that had to be shorted listed down to just over a hundred, before the final selection of a class roll of 40.

After 17 weeks of studies only 36 were left in the class including officer Mu, who is not only the oldest in the class but already a father, originally of Vaie’e, Safata.

The Lord’s blessings and the support by his wife are on the top of hid credit list for his success.

“These 17 weeks of training were torturous,” he confided in Newsline Samoa after the official graduation formalities.

 “There was one point where I felt like giving up completely but the love and support of my wife, kept me going and to endure.”

Officer Mu reflected on the different phases of the training they were put through and how it was always an uphill climb.

He was nervous and unsure of selection even with the class reduced to only 36 recruits.

His interest in police work started with the police Nafanua patrol boat when he returned home in 2017 from his work as a crew member on an Italian cruise liner.

“Working on a foreign cruise ship was a great experience, as I got to explore the world and get to provide service for many people.

“However upon my arrival back to Samoa, I realized that what I missed was having my family around and for that reason, I tried to secure a job that is more local and doesn’t require me to leave for longer periods of time.

He decided to apply as a crew member on the Nafanua and got accepted, until a Ministry of Police policy requirement came up for people in the service to be certified officer familiar with the law.

He was required to undergo basic training and to start off as a new recruit.

“I had no background in police work but I was able to register for the training programme.”

As a confirmed officer of the law, he is inspired by providing security for the country as a crew member of the Nafanua.

He finds the job challenging especially being away from his family on security patrol but has accepted that there will always be challenges.

Knowing that it is for the good of the country makes the service a worthy one.

“Now that I am certified officer, I am excited by whatever lies ahead, with God’s help I will do my best in my new career.”

Police Commissioner Fuiavailili highlighted at the graduation the determination in the service to develop a high level of ethics with the new officers, so they are not afraid to do their job.

He called on the graduating class of 2019 to use the power entrusted to them by the people of Samoa to serve with honesty and with excellence.