Dear Oh Dear……the honour of being a judge

  • Crowd outside the Mulinuu court house
    Crowd outside the Mulinuu court house

Any thoughts about a job on the bench as a judge of the Lands and Titles Court? A couple of seats are available. One is to follow soon when a judge’s contract expires and will not be renewed.

To be honest there were other earlier judge problems too but they have been fixed.

The high turnover of the judiciary staff is noted but where there’s a  challenge there’s excitement.

C’mon give it a try? This maybe your calling and there’s only one way to find out.

 If you get the boot then maybe it’s not for you?

But as long as it doesn’t land you at Tanumalala, the thrill of adventure is worth the try. Why not?

“….the CJ seat is still vacant, go there,  dear