Cousin Saw Scratches, Bruises On CEO Body

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  • A break in the murder hearing of the late CEO Sa'u Justina Sa'u
    A break in the murder hearing of the late CEO Sa'u Justina Sa'u

Deidre Fanene

Ann Trevor confirmed in court yesterday that she saw scratches and bruises on the body of the late, Sa’u Justina Sa’u, in the hospital.

Trevor is a cousin of the late CEO of the Unit Trust of Samoa, UTOS, who learned of her death at 3.46am from a phone call on Sunday morning 21 October 2018.

She said the call was from Kolani Jr. Lam, Sau’s husband, who is charged with her alleged murder.

“ Kolani called and told me that Justina had passed. I ask him what happened and he said she had taken her life.”

Trevor told the court she did not believe the news when she got the call.  She called her cousin Joyce Lam Sam Devoe, to tell her about what she has been told and asked that they go to the hospital.

“I went to Joyce’s place and then we went to the hospital to see Justina,” she said.

“When we got there, we went to the Emergency and we were told that she has been taken down to the X-Ray so we waited there.

“After her X-Ray, they pulled her out, I didn’t get to see her face but recognized her from the dress that she was wearing.”

Trevor said when she saw Justina’s face she had scratches on the right side of her neck, bruising at the back of her arm as well as some visible bruising at the back of her neck.

“One of her earrings was on her chest as well as her bra, but I can’t recall which side but it was on her body.

“I also saw that her feet were all dirty, the top of her feet as well as underneath.

“She had scratches on the right side of her neck, some visible bruising at the back of her neck and also bruising on her arm.”

The court also heard, that Kolani called again using Justina’s phone and told Trevor that he could not make it to the hospital because there was nobody to look after the kids.

The witness recalled that Kolani rang 3 times using Justina’s phone.

“The second call I gave to my aunty Sofia because they had arrived at the hospital at that time.

“But the 3rd phone call from Kolani I didn’t answer.”

Prosecutor Magele Leone Mailo asked the witness to describe what Justina had looked like  while at the hospital, the witness said Justina looked like she was sleeping.

The witness said when Justina was taken to the morgue she and her aunty Sofia went to Sinamoga to see if they could take the kids.

“When we got to Sinamoga, Sofia went inside the house and spoke with Kolani, but at that time Meaalii (baby sitter) and her husband were at the house.

“While Sofia was inside I decided to go have a look at the “Vigeka” (tree) where we were told she supposedly hung herself.

“[The tree] did not have a big branch.  I could reach up and grab hold of the branch and it was just a small one.”

A photo of the Vigeka branch was shown to the witness and she told the court when she saw the photos that there was no rope hanging from the branch when she went there.

“The only rope that was there was a light blue one that is shown at the back which looks like it is used for laundry and it was all tangled on the tree at the back.

“But there was no rope hanging from the Vigeka branch when we got there and I would remember if I had seen it.”

Trevor went on to say they left with some of Justina’s belongings but they could not take the children after Sofia spoke to Kolani.

Prosecutor Magele asked the witness to describe Justina’s relationship with her two children, Fa’aSamoa and Talei.

“Justina was a very busy person because she had so many commitments, however she would always make time for her children Fa’aSamoa and Talei.

“There were times that she went with her children to Thailand for holiday and she also took them to the Gold Coast.

“She was even planning to take them to Disneyland but that’s when it was just them three.

“She was a loving mother to her children and sometimes she would discuss her business to her son and even discuss her will with him and her daughter if anything happens to her.”

The court heard one of the lowest moments of Justina’s life was when her father and her husband had passed away.

“Those were her lows but she came back fine, and she was the backbone of their business and helped her mother in everything within their family.”

Trevor told the court Kolani and Justina met in 2015 at her wedding.

“Justina was my witness while Kolani was my husband’s witness during our wedding.”