Speed Driving Killed 18 Year Old

  • Photo of wreckage of vehicle from post-accident.
    Photo of wreckage of vehicle from post-accident.

Police have confirmed that speeding was behind the cause of a car accident that tragically cost the life of an 18 year old boy from Tuanaimato and Alafua.

The youth was instantly killed when the car he was driving crashed at Saleufi this week.

The incident occurred at round 11pm Sunday night in front of the Mai Company building with the vehicle identified as a Subaru registration number 18051.

Papali’i Monalisa Tiai Keti, Deputy Police Commissioner said the cause of the accident was speeding and the driver lost control of the vehicle. “The vehicle crashed into an E.P.C utility pole and the driver was killed instantly.”

Workers at one of the nearby companies who witnessed the incident alleged that the vehicle was going too fast.

“We were the first ones that ran over to help and try to get the boy out of the car by breaking the door,” one said.

“It was so unfortunate that the boy had already gone when we got there.

“By the way we saw it, the vehicle was going too fast and I know the reason why it crashed was because the boy lost control of the speeding car.”
According to another witnesses, the White Subaru vehicle was coming from the town area with a yellow car.

“I don’t know if they were racing but the yellow car slowed down a little bit that’s when the white vehicle overtook it and then I saw it in a position with its engine facing the Ott Company building and its rear facing the Gas Station before it ended up striking the pole in front of Mai Company.”

Another witness who also did not want to be named had a similar view.

“By the way I saw it, I think he was trying to make a U-turn but was going too fast that’s when he lost control of the vehicle.”

The witness also said that last Sunday was not the first time that a vehicle had been speeding in the same area.

“There are usually cars racing around this area and they usually do it on Sundays around night time.”

Police are now urging young drivers to be more responsible on the road and to avoid unnecessary speeding.