South Africa Survivor Scouts For Locations In Samoa

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  • Survivor South Africa file photo .
    Survivor South Africa file photo .

By Tauva Lima Tavae

Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) has confirmed their involvement with the special team from South Africa to scout Samoa for necessary locations to film the popular TV series, Survivor South Africa.
“There is no set program at the moment, but the team is in Samoa scouting for any locations suitable for the TV series to be filmed.” Faanaea Natu, a culture advisor of the Samoa Tourism Authority confirmed in a statement when contacted by Newsline.
 “It is not yet set when they are going to start filming and that is why they are looking around with our STA team to accommodate the needs of the producers on the locations that will be comfortable to suit   their preference.”
The team is currently staying at the Sheraton hotel at Mulifanua.