Rev Faulalo Leti New President of Methodist Church

  • New Methodist President Reverend Faulalo Leti.
    New Methodist President Reverend Faulalo Leti.

Reverend Faulalo Leti is the new president of the Methodist Church. He will replace Reverend Apineru Lafai.

The Church has also elected a new Secretary. He is Reverend Eteuati Tuioti.

Rev Leti and Rev Tuioti will step into their new positions next year but they will continue with their current executive in place for this year.

Rev Leti is currently the Secretary of the Church while Rev Tuioti is the head of the America Synod.

Rev Ellice Soliola continues as the Church Treasurer.

The election of the leadership of the Church took place on Tuesday this week

These posts are elected annually during the Church Conference.