Main Assembly For Methodist Church Conference Starts Today 

  • Retired Methodist Church pastor's wife Tautala Aiolupotea of Fagali’i-uta
    Retired Methodist Church pastor's wife Tautala Aiolupotea of Fagali’i-uta

The main assembly for the annual Methodist Church Conference starts today.

Pre-assembly meeting for women delegates from Samoa and overseas had started last week.

During their Conference the women worshipped, prayed, honoured the other women for their service to the church, fellowship with each other and discussed matters raised by the different synods.

Women delegates over 70 years old were awarded medals in recognition of their long service to the church. For those who served in the church and had passed away a memorial service was held to remember them.

Matters from different synods were presented, discussed and voted on.

Delegates to the Women’s Conference include wives of church ministers who have retired.

Tautala Aiolupotea of Fagali’i-uta village was a delegate to the Women’s Conference. Tautala and her husband before retiring in 2009 were serving at Tafatafa Falealili.

Tautala although retired is still very much active in church activities and support to the service she used to carry out as a minister’s wife.

“As the wife I was an assistant to my husband. The church minister preaches the word, and is in charge of the youth and the Sunday School. I assisted my husband in the youth and the Sunday school. 

In his absence I took over his duties in the Youth and the Sunday School. Also together we visited the sick and mothers when they gave birth.”

“Now I am retired I am helping out now by giving support to the youth and Sunday school. We still contribute financially to the church.”