Christmas Sparkling Already At Mapuifagalele

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  • Clockwise from right : Aiga Faoa, from Sataoa Falealili, Tauinaola Topai from Asaga  and Lagimaina Faitasi from Patamea
    Clockwise from right : Aiga Faoa, from Sataoa Falealili, Tauinaola Topai from Asaga  and Lagimaina Faitasi from Patamea


By Tauva Lima-Tavae


The residents of the Mapuifagalele  Old People’s Home were in high spirits  during the Christmas performances and party put on for them by the Legion of Mary  from Mulivai.

Residents - Aiga Faoa, from Sataoa Falealili, Lagimaina Faitasi from Patamea and Tauinaola Topai from Asaga  thoroughly enjoyed themselves .

 Faoa told Newsline that although they are now wheel chair bound and they could not get up to sway and dance to the music but that did not prevent them from having fun.

“Today is a special day because we get to have fun. Even though we cannot get up from our wheelchairs, to dance  but the Christmas spirit is all around us.

“ The skits were wonderful and  instilled in me the spirit of Christmas. Moreover, we appreciate each other’s company and that is why this place is special for us.

Faoa said  she was glad she was in better health to attend the party.

 “I was a little bit worried that I was not going to make it today because of some health problems but I am happy that I am physically fine and I get to enjoy my time with my friends and the different performances from the nuns as well as the Mulivai group.”

She however felt sorry for her 88 year old sister who is also at Mapuifagalele but was not well enough to attend the party.

 Lagimaina Faitasi also had a good time and with a huge grin confessed that she wanted to spice things up by taking a sip of the wine.

“I am so excited today because we can have loud music and have fun and we get to dance and put on some makeup. Since I can’t stand  for a longer period of time  I love to move to the music and enjoy the company of my friends. This party is fun and this wine tastes good. This is what Christmas spirit is all about. Having fun and appreciating what has been done by these great Samaritans (nuns) here at the Mapuifagalele.”

 Faitasi told Newsline that they would like to drink more and dance more but their age and health  limit them.

For Tauinaola Topai this year is his second Christmas at the Home.

 “This is my second Christmas here at Mapuifagalele and its great company here. . I am grateful of how we are treated here. I get to have three meals a day and the environment is friendly and everyone is kind. You can see in the party we are having today,everyone is having lots of fun.

Topai  enjoyed the wine, the music and the skits and Christmas could not be better for him and he thanked the Legion of Mary for giving him and the residents of Mapuifagalele a wonderful Christmas.

 The Legion of Mary is a group of young women from Catholic Church at Mulivai.