Elderly mother returns to a different Samoa

A 73 year old mother who is back in Samoa this week from the first time in 56 years, is still trying to adjust to the massive changes she has returned to.

Sarai Fesulua'i  left the country as a 17 year old and is overwhelmed by what she has experienced and the positive face of the Apia town area compared to when she was last in Samoa.

"It’s been way too long since I was in Samoa. I am overwhelmed by the changes and it feels good to be back home,” she confided in Newsline Samoa.

Teuila Festival 2019 – People Teuila Targets

Check out the ‘palagi visitors’ this whole week at the Malaefatu Park.  Having them around and seeing them take part is one of the key measures of success for the Teuila Festival.

The more ‘palagis’ around and joining in the fun, the bigger the smiles for the Samoa Visitors Bureau.

The Minister of Tourism will have some happy stories to tell the Government and the country about the annual festival.

Teuila Festival 2019 - Molding Of Future ‘Teuilians’

Nothing warms the heart more than the innocence of children bewildered by the huff and puff the adults drag them through.

The Malaefatu Park was a perfect place to see how that unfolded on Monday at the start of the activities planned for the weeklong Teuila Festival. 

Children react in many ways that makes watching them fun and heartwarming.

A ‘big palagi’ kid made to sleep on the grass by his tried parents was a true head twister. 

Sir John Rowles Makes Up For Missing Out Samoa  

New Zealand pop singer Sir John Rowles is performing in Samoa for the first time this week.

He plans a performance to make up for not doing so until now and for not knowing the locals love his songs.

 " I should have come before but somehow I didn't get here but I spent a lot of time in Hawaii,” he said in a press conference yesterday.

“I think the people of Samoa like my type of songs, love songs, about the oceans, islands.”

Teuila Festival 2019 – Stress and strains of Teuila

Always when the talk is about body language, facial expressions is the most easily read.  A smile is a good sign. Tears are not. Burning red eyes, furrowed forehead and wide nostrils breathing hot air are warnings.

There are other facial gestures as well.  Study these two photos and you will see signs of stress and strain.

These are normal signs linked to people saddled with some serious responsibilities. 

Dear Oh Dear …a sinister plot worthy of ‘Games Of Thrones’

Our ‘fa’afafine’ should protest all the way to the top the deliberate disregard by whoever turned off the Gym 1 power on Friday. 

Why didn’t they flip it back on again? Surely the EPC can do that in a snap.

All that hard work for the poor ‘fa’afafine’ to stage their special version of ‘Games of Thrones’ came to a dead halt.

Re-staging it on Saturday was an anticlimax.  Much of the build up fun for Friday lost in the winter of the North.

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