Working women delight in opening of all new Piva's Boutique

Maria Piva and her daughter the reigning Miss Samoa Sonia Piva proudly opened the new Piva's Boutique on Saturday morning much to the delight of several working women.

Telea Fuimaono Brown of Vaiala was among the first shoppers at the boutique in Togafu'afu'a.

Speaking to Newsline Samoa, Brown, who is employed at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), remarked on the "importance of style" for every working woman.

Multiple Shark Sightings At Samata

Multiple shark sightings in the waters of the village of Samata, Savaii, has led to community warning, especially when out fish diving.

Although there have been sightings in the past the recent sightings are out of the norm for the village.

The Samata village pulenu’u, Fau Tua Fau said that the village has already warned the fishermen to stay safe while out at sea.

Town Not a Rubbish Dumping Ground

A Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,  MNRE, study has found that rubbish are being dumped at will in the Apia township.

The study from a clean up of the main rivers in the town area, showed 54 per cent of the trash are being dumped inside central Apia, compared to the surrounding urban locations.

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