Youth And Family Court Hearings Canceled

Deidre Fanene

Youth Court and Family Violence Court proceedings have been cancelled until next year as part of a safety control measure against the measles outbreak.

A public notice was posted by the Ministry of Justice Courts and Administrations earlier today to all the courtrooms.

The notice is pinned to for the public to take note for the Supreme Court down to the District Court and even on the Lands and Titles Courts.

  Death Toll Reaches 20 As Measles Epidemic Rolls On

The Ministry of Health latest update report on the measles epidemic confirms a total of 1,644 measles cases have been reported to the Disease Surveillance Team, since the outbreak started.  There were 202 recorded in the last 24 hours. 

To date, 20 measles related deaths have been recorded, with one fatality in the past 24 hours.

Only In Samoa

...where the heart goes out to the children of Samoa who are the ones most at risk in our measles epidemic.

Just reflecting on how schools gave so much to hosting our Pacific Games this year. It was a national commitment from schools around Samoa.

Hours and hours were spent in preparations to welcome the hundreds of athletes for the Games in the sun and rain. 

Religious Authority Says Nothing Wrong With Praying At Home 

Praying at home instead of church on Sunday as a safety measure against the measles outbreak, has the support of a prominent religious authority.

Rev. Ma’auga Motu, finds nothing wrong with families doing that for their own protection, until it is safe to congregate in public.

His views are in reaction to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, suspension of all Sunday services starting last Sunday , after the state of emergency was called on the measles epidemic.

Tourism Authority  Tries  To Stay Upbeat With Measles Epidemic 

MEDIA RELEASE: Business as usual in Beautiful Samoa as travellers advised to take preventative measures to avoid spread of measles

Samoan authorities are on high alert and have been offering free vaccination for everyone as its Health officials this week announced confirmed cases of measles, with three related mortalities linked to this contagious virus.

Measles Threaten Upcoming Holiday Spirit

The festive mood of the upcoming holiday season is under a dark cloud, with calls from the Ministry of Health to limit public gatherings to control against the measles epidemic.

Close to 80 per cent of the outbreak is in the more populated Upolu Island.

Densely populated residential areas at Vaitele and Vailele are showing the most number of suspected cases.

Only In Samoa

...where the wearing of a face mask is no longer strange around Apia. Since the outbreak of measles, masks are encouraged to wear around public places. 

The disease is easily passed from one person to another so you can never be too careful in public, especially where a group of people are gathered.

This young lad is on his way to the SNPF Plaza very early in the morning.

NZ Ready To Help With Samoa Measles Epidemic 

New Zealand is on standby to help with the Samoa measles epidemic once the need for support and resources are worked out.

The same assistance is offered to Tonga.

The New Zealand media quoted the offer of help by the Government Health Minister, Julie Anne Genter.

“Samoa and Tonga are still working out what support and resources they need, according to Ms. Genter who said her government is ready to help,” Radio New Zealand reported.

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