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Dear Oh Dear ……keep it simple people

An interesting dilemma when families refuse vaccination for some personal or religious beliefs.

If it’s their choice then so be it. If it works out for them and they’re not infected by the measles good one.

 But what if they end up with the measles?  Where do we go from there? 

If you can’t force them to be vaccinated and despite having the measles they still refuse vaccination what then?

Vaccinators Turned Away By Some Families

Deidre Fanene

  PM Tuilaepa in discussion with the Chairman of the National Emergency Advisory Committee Ulu Bismarck Crawley

Vaccination teams were turned away by some of the families who did not accept the measles injections, during the Thursday and Friday house to house emergency immunisation campaign.

The Chairman of the Disaster Advisory Committee, Ulu Bismarck Crawley, confirmed the rejections.

DAC up to task with busy but manageable workload

The Disaster Advisory Committee DAC is up to the task of ensuring that resources are available for the mass immunization plan by the government.

Things have been busy lately however. Chairman of DAC Ulu Bismarck Crawley spoke to Newsline Samoa yesterday that the committee is handling things smoothly.

He said there are enough  government workers allocated to handle each specific task required to accommodate the mass vaccination efforts that are ongoing

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