Mass Vaccination

Father Anxious For His Two Sick Children

A young father was left anxious for his two children who were rushed to the hospital with measles symptoms on the same day the mass vaccination reached his home village of Malie last Friday.

Vestor Isaako stayed home and had his  measles injection while his wife rushed  their 1 year old and 4 months old baby to the hospital for medical attention.

“ My children were vaccinated but there were other follow up injections still left to be done that they missed out on,” Isaako explained.

Emergency Mass Vac. Spills Onto Beach Road On Final Day

By Staff Writer

Vaccination teams spilled onto Beach Road before sunrise this morning, on the final day of the emergency mass vaccination campaign started yesterday ( Thursday).

The closed off street where the national emergency operations were co-ordinated since the start of the vaccination campaign ran out of space.

 Government was forced to move out onto Beach Road and public notice was sent out for traffic to be diverted to other alternative routes.

Residential Street Blossoms Fighting Red Rags

Measles vaccination teams will have little trouble finding the homes where their service is needed, when they travel the one way street of the To’omatagi Residential area tomorrow (Friday).

Red rags blossomed like flowers late in the day in front of family homes where it would be hard for the visiting measles vaccinators to miss.

Red pieces of clothing were seen tied to roadside rubbish bins, hibiscus hedges and electricity utility poles.

DAC up to task with busy but manageable workload

The Disaster Advisory Committee DAC is up to the task of ensuring that resources are available for the mass immunization plan by the government.

Things have been busy lately however. Chairman of DAC Ulu Bismarck Crawley spoke to Newsline Samoa yesterday that the committee is handling things smoothly.

He said there are enough  government workers allocated to handle each specific task required to accommodate the mass vaccination efforts that are ongoing

Matured Couple Thankful To Be Vaccinated

A matured village couple made a beeline for the vaccination centre next to the Pulenu’u Offices in Apia, when the injections finally opened to the general public this week.

Naasona Va’a is a 60 year old father and grandfather with his wife Fautuaga are from the village of Tuana’i.

The vaccination campaign started at home this week, but they had family business in Apia and they decided to get a vaccination injection while in town.

Measles Death Toll At 32, Still No Signs Of Slowing Down

By  Staff Reporter

 The measles death toll was officially at 25 when Health CEO Leausa Dr. Take Naseri sat down with the local media on Monday for an update on the epidemic.

But by Tuesday, the count had jumped past 30 for the first time to 32 dead, mostly children.

The Ministry of Health CEO Leausa Dr. Take Naseri, was only able to tell the media that the epidemic is continuing, but not at what rate.

Village Leaders Pledge All Out Support

Village leaders who are targeted for strategic mass vaccinations this week, have pledged all out P for the emergency injections administered to protect families from the measles outbreak.

Papali’i Pene of Fa’atoia and Luafau Leia Tulima of Magiagi, are grateful for the protection the programme offers for families in their respective villages.

Mass Vaccination Steams Ahead

By Staff Writer

Closing off a busy street in the heart of Apia is a more visible example of the mass vaccination effort that is being mobilized under the current state of emergency to the measles epidemic.

The street is cordoned off for the exclusive use of the National Emergency Operation Centre where the nation wide vaccination drive is being co-ordinated.

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