Pacific Games

Only In Samoa

...where the heart goes out to the children of Samoa who are the ones most at risk in our measles epidemic.

Just reflecting on how schools gave so much to hosting our Pacific Games this year. It was a national commitment from schools around Samoa.

Hours and hours were spent in preparations to welcome the hundreds of athletes for the Games in the sun and rain. 

Junior World Champion Lifters Included In Prize Money

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Junior World Champion Weightlifters Don Opeloge and Feagaiga Stowers were in the line-up as well, when monetary prizes were awarded yesterday, to all the gold medal winners from the Pacific Games.

Opeloge and Stowers were gold medalists at the International World Federation Junior World Championship in Suva, Fiji, earlier in the year.

Young Thief To Write Team PNG Apology Letter

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

The 17-year-old male who broke into Team Papua New Guinea accommodations at the Faleula Games Village at the start of the recent Pacific Games, is to write an apology letter to the visitors he stole from.

The apology is included as one of the special conditions of living under supervision for the next 2 years.

Local Interest In New Flare Up Over NZ Transgender Lifter

Controversy over weightlifting transgender Laurel Hubbard has flared up again in New Zealand, just a few weeks after she won two gold medals at the Pacific Games in Samoa.

Overseas news media reported that a feminist group Speak Up For Women has launched a protest campaign in New Zealand on Monday over the inaction of sport officials.

The controversy started at the Games in Apia and has now spilled over to transgender Hubbard’s home country New Zealand

Dear Oh Dear…..and the medal winners are!!!

As public review of the Games starts to roll in, the first medal winning reactions are quite interesting really.

First gold medal reaction goes to the vegetable farmers for keeping the line of supply for the Games bubbling along. 

No complaints either from regular customers who kept up with their normal healthy vegetable diets.

Future prospects for the farming community very fruitful.

Gold medal also to our taxi drivers. 

Pacific Games Demand Kept Flea Market Busy

The Pacific Games will be remembered by handicraft vendors at the Flea Market as giving a boost to their business.

One of these vendors is Fiumalosi Fereti Leota of Vaitele who operates two stalls at the market.

Fiumalosi was a volunteer for the Games so he had to leave his stalls to his wife and son to manage while he attended to his duties as a volunteer.

Slow Selling Stock Snapped Up During Games

The Pacific Games will be remembered by two sisters for clearing out stock which are often shelved for a bit longer before they are sold and for boost in their sales.

Seila Atimalala and her sister Rosina Talia from Vailele are overwhelmed by the huge difference the Pacific Games brought to their daily sales. The income to their business generated during the two weeks of the Games was incredible to the sisters.

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