Measles Outreach Highlights The Strength Of A Family

MEDIA RELEASE : Despite the measles epidemic claiming the lives of three children from the same family at Laulii, the strength of a family, of a community and of a nation, standing together, is shining hope to a country in a state of emergency.

This was the observation from the team of volunteers who joined the Samoa Victim Support Group when the Group took its Measles Outreach program to the village communities over the weekend.

  MY SAY : Make Them Feel Blessed Not Shamed

The gruesome photo circulated online of a newborn baby girl’s dead body, abandoned among the trash at the Mulifanua wharf, went beyond heart breaking.

 Heart shattering would be a little closer.

The blow struck so deep it broke loving hearts into bits and pieces by those unfortunate enough to see it. 

What a cruel scene!  How tragic an ending to a precious, innocent life.

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