Schools In High Alert Over Measles Outbreak

Schools are being kept on high alert since the Ministry of Health official announcement this week of a measles outbreak in the country.

Education Minister, Loau Keneti Sio, assured strict classroom watch by principles and teachers for any student who may show symptoms of the contagious disease.

“We’ve had no report so far of any cases in schools but firm instructions are in place for students showings any signs of the measles, to be removed from the classroom immediately,” Loau declared.

Spread Of NZ Measles Outbreak, Worry World Health Organisation 

Samoa with her close ties to New Zealand is on the frontline islands the World Health Organisation is "worried" about, at the potential for New Zealand's measles outbreak to be exported to Pacific countries.

The most recent count on the total number of measles cases in Auckland alone stood at 944, according to media reports from New Zealand.

Nationally, the figure has passed 1100, with officials saying it's expected to rise further before peaking in the next fortnight.

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