Opeloge 6th in the IWF World Cup in China

Deidre Fanene

Weightlifting Golden boy Don Opeloge placed 6th in the IWF World Cup in Tianjin China.

The 20 year old also set a New Commonwealth and Oceania Record in the Clean & Jerk division by 20kg.

Coach Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork said he is proud of Opeloge's performance.

He added this will the champion lifters last tournament for this year.

Follow China’s Current And Future Economic Lead - PM Tuilaepa

Samoa and member island countries of the forum will do well to follow China’s economic leadership to benefit from current and future trends.

This was the gist of the address by the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Samoa at the opening of the China Pacific Forum hosted in Apia at the start of the week on Sunday and Monday.

Solomon Islands and Kiribati hand in hand with China By Setope Sooaemalelagi, Liaocheng University Shangdong China

By Setope Sooaemalelagi, Liaocheng University Shangdong China

 On the stroke of midnight the Solomon Islands and Kiribati have in unison switched its foreign policy compass directly to Beijing and have ended a tenuous relationship with Taiwan which was baffling not only for China but for its Pacific neighbors most of whom are signatories to the Belt and Road Initiative.

MY SAY : Man up and enjoy a Pearly Gates early blast off

The Reuter’s news report on geopolitical effects and possible impacts of the Samoa China ties should not really be major enough to spark global shock waves.

The contents were already floating around, it was a simple matter of weaving them into an in-depth write up.

There was a good balance to the article but at that level of international journalism, it is standard.

Military Potentials A Worry For Asau Port Samoa and China Ties Close

A worrying outlook on the closer ties between Samoa and China at the Asau Port being ‘… turned into a military asset in hostile times’ is being circulated by the international media from a Reuters News Agency write up.

The report is carried under several headlines.

One warns that “China has plans for an old US WWII port in the Pacific, and it's adding to fears that Beijing is up to something”.

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