Fathers Are Good Guys Same As Mothers

Today we celebrate Father’s Day.  The occasion also continues the never ending debate on why fathers contribution to the family deserves to be recognised the same as mothers.

Frankly, the debate should not be taken seriously.  Do so and your respected level of intelligence is seriously in doubt.

In any normal family, mothers and fathers have their own little quirks, built up over the many years of a loving relationship.

MY SAY : Man up and enjoy a Pearly Gates early blast off

The Reuter’s news report on geopolitical effects and possible impacts of the Samoa China ties should not really be major enough to spark global shock waves.

The contents were already floating around, it was a simple matter of weaving them into an in-depth write up.

There was a good balance to the article but at that level of international journalism, it is standard.

Military Potentials A Worry For Asau Port Samoa and China Ties Close

A worrying outlook on the closer ties between Samoa and China at the Asau Port being ‘… turned into a military asset in hostile times’ is being circulated by the international media from a Reuters News Agency write up.

The report is carried under several headlines.

One warns that “China has plans for an old US WWII port in the Pacific, and it's adding to fears that Beijing is up to something”.

Lifters Power Up More Samoan Gold

Strength yielded another set of gold medals for Samoa with the strong men of power lifting taking their turn yesterday.

Koale Tasi Taale in the mens 120kg and Oliva Kirisome in the mens +120kg  weight divisions lifted gold for Samoa.

The medals boost the medal tally in powerlifting to three, the first by Faustina Niu Sila Opeloge, in the Womens 84 kg division.

Lifters Open Gold Medal Flood Gate

Team coach Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork has some medal housekeeping to do next week with weightlifting done and over with for the Pacific Games XVI.

His lifters, in both men and women flooded the medal tally for Samoa since  began stepping up to the Gym 1 competition platform at the Faleata Sports Complex.

The burst of gold medals went into overflow in the last two days of competition that ended yesterday.

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