Justice Mata Tuatagaloa, Oral Ruling On Kolani Jnr. Lam Murder Of CEO Wife Sa'u Justina Sa'u, Supreme Court Thursday 19 December 2019 

Counsels a full written judgment with reasons will be provided at a later date but this is the court’s brief decision in oral.

Defendant Kolani Lam is charged with three main offenses, the charge of murder, the alternative charge of manslaughter, the assault and the attempt to defeat the course of justice.

I’ll deal first with the assault and the attempt to defeat the course of justice before I can deal with the murder charge.


Face Stabbing Man Streaming Tears For Court Leniency

A man who plunged the sharp end of a stick used to roast koko Samoa beans into his teenage lover's face just missing her eye by a few centimeters, sobbed uncontrollably as he begged the Supreme Court for leniency.

The defendant Afa Tila, 38, said he felt remorse for his actions and begged the court for forgiveness. He promised that he would never appear before the court again.

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